Stewardship 「獻身」委員會

Each of us has been blessed in many ways. All that we have, we owe to our good and gracious God. As responsible stewards and people of faith we are called to accept our gifts gratefully, nurture and use them wisely, share them in justice and charity, and give back to God a portion of what we have to further God’s Kingdom on earth.

We are called to be Jesus’ disciple and stewardship committee is helping everyone to answer God’s call by sharing our experience and living the way of life as Jesus taught us. In the past, stewardship committee celebrated the Stewardship Sunday by holding Ministry festival to introduce to parishioners the chair person and activities of each Ministry in Ascension. To share generously our time, our talents, and our treasure brings us into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. Through practicing stewardship, we deepen our faith and make it all of our life.

Annually, the Diocese of Galveston-Houston celebrates Stewardship Sunday in all parishes. This event traditionally takes place in the fall season and is coordinated by the Stewardship Office. The celebration of Stewardship Sunday is a time for parishes to present and/or renew stewardship principles for the parishioners. The event presents the theology of stewardship, its Scriptural basis, and its impact on daily life of individuals by offering homilies, lay witness testimonies, ministry fairs, and opportunities for parishioners to sign up to take part in parish ministries through their gifts of time, talents, and material resources.

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Below are a few of the many ways that your gifts of stewardship can be shared:
Stewardship and Our Building Project
by Fr. Louis Zee

Stewardship builds the Church (the people). The People (the Church) constructs the building (a church).

In the process of building a church, we also come to know the mystery and the nature of the church itself. Church is the people of God who follow and live the teachings of Jesus. This group of people (the Church) is so unique and so grace-filled that even the place where they meet to worship God is called Church. We will practice stewardship to return a portion of our time, talents, and treasure to God in thanksgiving. It is a life-long process to develop beautiful souls. It builds the Church the people. Once this kind of the Church is built, everything is possible.

We shall fervently pray that our building project would go smoothly. At the same time we must follow the will of God, and remind ourselves with Ps. 127, which says “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.” So we try our very best to develop virtues, that our new church would be a beautiful reflection of the wonderful qualities of the parishioners.
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