2/6/05 Church Dedication (1)

2/6/05 Church Dedication (2)

4/6/05 Memorial Mass for Pope John Paul II

4/15/06 Easter Vigil

5/6/06 Grass Sodding (1)

5/6/06 Grass Sodding (2)

5/7/06 The Sacrament of Confirmation

12/10/06 Dedication of Activity Center to Fr. Francis Chang

4/7/07 Easter Vigil & Baptism

11/24/07 Consistory Ceremony of Cardinal DiNardo

2/10/08 RCIA Rite of Election

3/22/08 Easter Vigil

4/27/08 The Sacrament of Confirmation

5/4/08 Homecoming Celebration

12/6/08 Trip to Lousiana and A Memorial Mass
for Fr. Chang at Beaumont Cathedral

1/31/09 Fr. Louis 50th Ordination Anniversary Party

3/7/09 Desert Day "沙漠一日避靜"

4/18/09 Fr. Chia 50th Ordination Anniversary Party

5/10/09 The Sacrament of Confirmation

5/24/09 Homecoming Celebration

5/9/10 Crowning of Mother Mary

5/16/10 The Sacrament of Confirmation

5/16/10 Homecoming Celebration
美華堂慶, BBQ午餐

5/16/10 Parish House's Ground Breaking Ceremony

1/2/2011 Blessing of Parish House

5/20/2012 Homecoming Celebration
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9/22/2012 Memorial Mass for Fr. Luis Chia

Christmas & The Holy Family

Deacon Paul of 10th Anniversary of Ordination to Diaconate

4/14/13 Fr. Louis's 80th Birthday Celebration
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5/12/2013 May Crowning

5/12/2013 Homecoming

2014's The Holy Week & Easter

6/1/2014 Homecoming

10/24-25 門徒小避靜

1/31/15 Dcn Patrick - Ordination Ceremony
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5/10/2015 May Crowning

5/17/2015 Homecoming

11/21/15 Thanksgiving luncheon for the Legion of Mary,
RCIA and Charismatic Prayer Group

12/19/15 心聲的聖誕聚餐

3/19/16 牧靈組陶成課程

3/24/16 Easter Triduum
3/26/16 Easter Baptism

5/8/2016 May Crowning

5/21/16 The Sacrament of Confirmation

10/30/16 徐神父退休慶祝會
Celebration of Fr. Zee's Retirement

11/20 文德神父就職典禮彌撒及歡迎餐會
Installation of Fr. Huber & Welcome Party

1/15 Congratulations to
Deacon Benny Chang

2017 Easter Triduum and Baptism

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