Ascension Chinese Mission Adult Choir


Music plays a great role during Mass.  It is the soul of the Mass.  Good music can inspire people to worship God.   One of the most important roles during the Mass is the choir.   Music and good songs can inspire people’s spirits.


The Ascension Chinese Adult Choir members are all volunteers.  Most of the members are couples, but even if one of the spouses is not in the choir, they still help us and join us in all of our activities and give their moral support.  Not only to all the members, it is a long-term commitment, but also to their families. 


None of the members majored in music, but they all make a great effort to learn.  Many of the members are still working and some of the members are retired.  They come to church for practice every Thursday at 7:30 PM.  Sometimes they practice on an empty stomach until 9:30 pm.  But we all have lots of fun.  The adult choir sings at 11:00 AM Chinese Mass.  Most songs are sung in Chinese, but on certain occasions, we sing songs in English. 

If you like to sing or play a musical instrument, please join us.


Mass is not just sitting there watching.  Father Zee has always emphasized that everyone should read and sing to worship God during Mass.  We encourage everyone to sing with us. 


Director:      Janie Chen, John Chiang

Soprano:      Mary Jo Cheng, Wing Gee, Margarete Jou, Anita Kolber, Mary Wu, Wanda Lin, Mary Liu, Marisa Wu, Chusita Liy, Janie Chen, Margaret Yuan

Alto:            Lucy Chiang, Tien Hsi Lee, Lorraine Chang

Tenor:          Aylmer Chen, Solomon Tang, Fredy Santoso

Bass:           John Chiang, Kung Chung Lin, Ben Wu, Augustine Yuan

Pianist:       Maria Dai & Claire McGaughy