Continuing Christian Education (CCE)

Continuing Christian Education (CCE) is a learning and enriching process through which individual gains understanding and knowledge about his faith and thereby strengthens the foundation of his faith. At Ascension Catholic Church, such program is created in accordance to the guidelines of the Dioceses of Galveston-Houston. CCE is one of the oldest ministries of the church and has been established since its inception in 1985.

Many people regard children’s education a top priority investment for them to succeed in the future. Obviously, there is no better investment than the gift of faith. Children nurtured in an environment of strong faith grow up knowing the grace of God is with them every step of the way. For this important reason a large part of the CCE program is devoted to the children's religious education. Children from ages four through fourteen are enrolled in one of the seven classes according to their grade levels. Class time is 10:05a.m. to 10:55 a.m. every Sunday following the 9:00a.m. Mass. Classes are led by a group of highly dedicated volunteer catechists, many of them have been teaching CCE for almost twenty years!

Various enrichment and service activities are planned throughout the liturgical year to help children to practice the Christian faith and use what they learned in the classroom.

Separate classes are offered to prepare children for the Sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, and Confirmation. After receiving Confirmation, youngsters can go on to join the Ascension Fellowship (a group for the young Christians and college students that are growing up in the States) or the Young Adult Group (a group of college students and professionals that are coming from foreign countries fluent in Cantonese).

CCE/RCIA Teachers' Retreat 老師避靜(1)      CCE/RCIA Teachers' Retreat 老師避靜(2)

日期 信經研讀 講員
11/3/2013 臺灣主教團信德年手冊 - 信經1徐神父
11/10/2013 臺灣主教團信德年手冊 - 信經2張弘俊
11/17/2013 林思川神父來訪  
11/24/2013 臺灣主教團信德年手冊 - 信經3李邦寧
12/1/2013 臺灣主教團信德年手冊 - 信經4丁淑荃
12/8/2013 臺灣主教團信德年手冊 - 信經5馬永平
12/15/2013 臺灣主教團信德年手冊 - 信經6&7 徐神父
12/22/2013 臺灣主教團信德年手冊 - 信經8徐憶曾
12/29/2013 臺灣主教團信德年手冊 - 信經9 李元正
1/5/2014 臺灣主教團信德年手冊 - 信經10李邦寧
1/12/2014 疏效平弟兄來訪  
1/19/2014 臺灣主教團信德年手冊 - 信經11 侯神父
2/9/2014 臺灣主教團信德年手冊 - 信經12 侯神父

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