Basic Christian Community 基信團

In June 1992, five Cantonese families gathered together and formed a "renew group" with the goal of following Jesus in our life through sharing and caring of each other. Our baptism into a Christian life is only the start of faith journey and not the finish mark. It is necessary for the baptised to continue and follow Jesus in their daily life.

Today, we have several Mandarin and Cantonese groups in our community. We read scriptures and share our faith. We express our joy and difficulties. We pray for His guidance in our faith journey, and we grow together in Christ.

Schedule 時間表
Cantonese Group 粵語組 :
2nd & 4th Sat. (第二/四 星期六 7pm) Sugar Land 粵語基信團 (教友家)
Mandarin Group 國語組 :
Every Mon. (逢星期一7:30pm) Sugar land 國語基信團(徐冠中家)
Every Wed. (逢星期三10:00am) 好運 國語基信團(蕭康宜主持)
1st & 3rd Mon. (第一/三 星期一7:00pm) West 國語基信團西區(張紹華家)
Every Fri. (逢星期五1:00pm) Northwest 國語基信團西北區(鄭兆愉家)