The beautiful spiritual bouquets of 1,284 rosaries were offered to our beloved Fr. Louis at his 80th birthday from the legionaries of Ascension LOM.

Monica C. Lee

Ching-feng Pien

Evelyn H. Chen

Po Po Chen

Helen H. Chen

Mary H. Lee

Benjamin Wu

Marisa T. Wu

Ling L. Lee

Ma Ma Lee

Pauline M.Tang

Lucia Y. Chiang

Theresa K. Dai

Juliana Wang

Justin Wang

Sophia L. Wang

Jing Jung Su

Bernadette Hsieh

Ma Ma Liang

Y.C.Han Chang

Gladys C. Shen

Lily J. Shen

Mary W. Liu

Margarete WJou

Elizabeth Yang

Andy Tsao

Jenny Ko

Ma Ma Chou

Lily H. Lin

Edith H. Yu

S. W. Chang

Bo Bo Tien

Clara N. Chan

Siewtin Comet

Benny Chang

Agnes L. Chang

Ma Ma Chen

Pierre Ouang

Janie Chen

Maria Ouang


Mary Jo Cheng